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My son's speech therapist told us he thinks our son has Autism?

My son will be 2 next month. The other day his speech therapist told us he thinks he has Autism. So I looked up the signs of Autism and he has next to none of them. He makes great eye contact, very loving and cuddley, very social, never wants to be left alone, responds to his name, doesn't obsess over toys.. doesnt even spin the wheels on cars, no stacking or lining of things, no rocking or head banging, very happy never throws fits, no routines, has pretend play and imitates well, He always brings me toys to show me and tries to get me to play with him.. always looks for approval Etc Etc.. the only symptoms I could think of that he may have is his delayed speech.. he is a very late talker with only a few consistant words (had hearing troubles and tubes was placed at 15 months) He doesn flap his hands.. only have noticed it when mad.. or if he has something on his hands like food or something (I thought trying to knock it off?) and he is shy around kids.. but he eventually starts to play with them just takes a minute to warm up to them. But he is never shy around adults? Could this be a mild case of Autism or is my son's speech therapist nuts? The reason's he thought he was Autistic is because he tenses when he picks him up to move him to a different place (He never tenses up for us?) He said when he babbles it's self soothing and not cummunicative.. which I do not agree with at all I will ask him a question all the time and he always responds with some kind of babble (but does babble aimlessly a lot to) and because he said it's hard to get him to engage he wants to get up and run around a lot.. He thinks we need to get him tested and of course we are but there is a 6 to 8 month waiting list and I am very concerned now. Thoughts?My son's speech therapist told us he thinks our son has Autism?
Your speech therapist isn't qualified to diagnose Autism. He's certainly got a right to his opinion, but so do you - and you know your kid better.

If it was "mild" autism, we would probably be talking about Asperger's, which is characterized by NORMAL speech development. There are kids with Asperger's syndrome who do have speech delays, but I'm just saying - it doesn't sound like classic high-functioning autism, and it definitely doesn't sound like the low-functioning end of the spectrum. In fact, it doesn't sound like autism at all.

Obviously I haven't met your kid, but my brother has autism, and I'm pretty familiar with the signs. Go ahead and get him tested if you want, but until then, don't freak out. I don't know why you have t wait 6-8 months - you should be able to ask your pediatrician for a professional opinion, or even find a psychiatrist who'll see you before then.My son's speech therapist told us he thinks our son has Autism?
I don't think he is. Doctors today are overmedicating, specifically with this autism thing. Some kids may be seriously impaired (I mean like you can tell by looking at someone) if they are mentally-challenged, but otherwise, these acute symptoms of autism, I think are just a case of a normal person who did not develop social skills. That's it. The worst part is that by telling a child they're "autistic" when they could just be "shy or quiet" then it acts as an enabler for the child. Instead of trying to resolve it, they just tuck themselves even more into their shyness and quietude.My son's speech therapist told us he thinks our son has Autism?
Ok Calm Down. When my son's speech therapists suggested autism, I thought they were nuts too. Some of the things do suggest autism, but he may have something different.. like a sensory disorder.. where he's too sensitive or not sensitive much to things around him. The tensing up part may be because he's not used to them?

My son had different symptoms. He regressed in his talking and didn't talk again for 2 years.

My son also has sensory problems. He was too hypo-sensitive. My son wasn't diagnosed until nearly 3 so it's still early.

My son also will not answer questions the way a typical child would. I will ask him something.. and he will repeat the question.. and it is an autism thing.

It's not the end of the world though if he's autistic. It hasn't been easy, but my son's nearly 5 now and he's doing great. Let me know if you need to talk or anything
Since autism is a " spectrum disorder", your son could be considered " on the spectrum" if he exhibits only one or two of the symptoms mildly. The speech therapist may not be right, but I don't think it is unreasonable for him to have suspicions based on what you have explained. Get him tested as soon as you can, and no matter how it turns out, remember that a diagnosis of autism does not change your son, he will still be the same little boy, still able to do the same things he was able to do before his diagnosis. If the testing determines that he is on the spectrum it will only help you to understand better what he may need help with and give you access to services and specialists that can help him to develop to his full potential. There is no reason to be any more concerned than you were before. Autistic or not your son will always be just as wonderful as he always has been.

HELP PLS what do u think about this situation?

My man had a couple of bad months (financially) so we haven;t been going nowhere, maybe like once a month for a drink or 2, thats it. He finaly got a good pay this month and so I was looking for more action for us (Just to let you guys know, I do spend my money on us too, specialy on his dinners I cook for him). He rang me 2 days ago saying he is going to buy wheels for his car for like 200quid and so he won't have much money for the rest of the month. I told him well, if its important to you then sure go for it , on what he reacted : Oh but u also important to me. I was obviously not happy from the tone of my voice but what could i do? If i start to blame him he will get upset that im telling him what to do. So I was hoping that he will get the message and wont buy that stupid wheels so we can spend some quality time, but yesterday.....he went and bought them. I now feel like he doesnt really care about us , all he cares about is himself. Do you think im right to be upset???

He never really gets me anything or does surprises for me...hes a good guy, doesnt drink or go out late nights but i dont know...HELP PLS what do u think about this situation?
i think you have a right to be upset definitely! But at the same time guys don't always get the messages..sometimes you have to be honest and straight forward. You should have told him and should still tell him that you didn't want him to buy the wheels and go out together and do something!!! If he still bought it then you have a bigger right to be mad!
It depends on the wheels. If the car needed new wheels, well, that is for both of you. If he bought them to show off, he's got his priorities messed up. He probably does care, but, isn't thinking right. You need to be able to tell him what you think. If you can't and he gets mad, he's not a good guy and you need to get rid of him. Seriously.HELP PLS what do u think about this situation?
Tell him how you feel. He might not realize how he is acting is affecting you.
as the man he should want to pitch in and pay for stuff. tell him exactly how you feel, and if he blows up, leave him and find a real man.HELP PLS what do u think about this situation?
it is his money let him do what he wants but also give him beans and rice for dinner see how that works out
There is no doubt that your husband loves you a lot and you obviously are important to being upset is logical but i suggest try to see it from his point of view and bring these things to his notice without directly objecting to purchase of wheels.i am not an expert but it would be sad if this small issue seeds tensions in a nice couple like you..

and not that you are demanding but because you said he is a nice person,love him by having low expectation.
girl you are totally over reacting!

just being together should be enough whether its staying in with a bottle of wine or going out.

material things mean nothing

enjoy each others company and just go with the flow.
and instead of waiting for him to do these things for you why don't you do them for yourself? if you don't have a paying job, get one.
hug him then cry and then do the "self pitty thing" lol and then talk he will end up feelin sorry for ya hehe works everytime for me =) good luck
Tyres or wheels? Wheels aren't a necessity if what you have is fine. If you're already a little strapped it doesn't make sense to buy them. A nice time out for the both of you and put the rest in the till for a rainy day would be the wisest thing to do.
Were the tires a necessity or are they tires that are high dollar and he wants to drive around trying to impress people? If they were a necessity...then give him a break...If he just bought them for any other reason...dump him...because his priorities are seriously messed up....
tell him how you feel and money should be something you two need to be together and spend quality time together

What is the best cage for rats for under$60? Petsmart brands?

I am gonna buy my cage on Saturday from petsmart, I'm looking to figure out what the best cage is to house 2 female rats. My budget for a cage is $60. I would like it to include the water bottle, food dish, and exercise wheel ( are there wheels necessary?)

I am willing to pay up to $80 if need be but no more. I want Athena and Lilly to be as happy as can be for as long as can be.

I understand petsmart doesn't have a lot as far as top quality cages at low prices, but I don't have another pet store within 50 miles of me.

So what is the best bang for my buck at petsmart??

I want best quality and with at least 2 levels with plenty of room to customize with huts, hammocks, toys, etc.


Please be sure to include a link to the specific cage so I know what to look for when I go there.What is the best cage for rats for under$60? Petsmart brands?
It's impossible to know which cages are offered at your specific petsmart, but I will advise you to not rule out looking at bird cages. They're often taller and therefore have more room. You can buy plywood if you have a means of cutting it for levels and wire to hang it up, and buy a bird cage which will definitely leave more room vertically for huts and hammocks and levels and whatnot. I bought one of mine, a Prevue-Hendryx cage ( for about fifty dollars. Typically a rat/gerbil cage will be longer but flatter and I like my girls to have room to climb up!

Any suggestions for this worker's comp situation?

I suffered an injury due to a fall at work approximately 2 years ago. I was attempting to sit down in a chair, it was a high chair with wheels and a ring on the bottom to put your feet on. Anyway, my left foot got tangled in the ring and the chair pushed away from me causing me to do a split and I fell. (I don't know if this makes any difference, but the chairs were inappropriate for use on noncarpeted floors and other people had fallen using them.)

The diagnosis at the time was a hamstring sprain. I missed several days of work. The time off and the medical bills were paid by worker's comp. The leg never felt right after that. I had been treated by the doctor at employee health where I worknad have been to see them many many times since. I really thought that the hamstring just needed a long time to heel. About a year ago, I went back to the doctor at employee health complaining that my leg still didn't feel right and that I still had pain. So for the last 10 months or so, I have been going back and forth to an orthopedist, cortisol injection, employee health, 2 MRIs etc. The diagnosis is a torn meniscus that will require surgery. I am 100% convinced that the injury resulted from the fall because my walk has been affected and this was apparent to me from the time I started walking without crutches. I did not have problems before and I am tired of hobbling around like a gimp. After seeking a second opinion, I have scheduled surgery for Oct 23. So today I get a call from the woman handling my case at workers comp. She says they want me to see an "independent" doctor to evaluate whether my injury is a result of the fall...and oh, they made an appointment for me on Nov 3, so my surgery will have to be rescheduled. Now I have already seen 2 orthopedists plus the doctor in employee health, so that's 3 doctors who have all said that my injury is consistent with the fall that I had but for some reason, their "independent" doctor's opinion will supercede these other doctors.

I know it has been a long time, but it's not my fault the crappy *** doctor in employee health missed that I had another injury besides the hamstring tear.

I guess my question is, what are my rights? I'm not surprised that worker's comp is giving me a hard time, but I am not happy about rescheduling the surgery. I have health insurance, but there is a $500 deductible and copays for prescriptions, physical therapy etc, that I'm sure will add up. Also, I do not get a lot of paid time off and I do not want to use it here. Can I have the surgery anyway then if they refuse the claim, deal with the hassle afterwards? I have MRIs, x-rays, doctors reports for 2 stinking years, isn't that enough? If I notified my health insurance that the injury is work related, won't they want to fight it out with worker's comp? Any suggestiosn would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.Any suggestions for this worker's comp situation?
I agree w/ Dr Les. You need to get a workers comp attorney asap. My husband has been going through the same thing for nearly 5 years with foot problems related to a work injury. Luckily, he knew some other people from his job that had had w/c claims. When they tried to assign him their chosen dr, we already knew this was the guy that they send people to when they want to get rid of the claim. We got an attorney %26amp; he already knew about this dr. He filed a motion with the board of workers comp %26amp; they agreed that there was no reason he should have to go to another dr when he had been receiving appropriate treatment all along. Be sure that your current doctors can document everything that has taken place, and that they agree that your current problem is related to the initial injury. Their statements will go a long way. It seems like everything you do is never enough. You really need the influence of a good attorney that knows the ins %26amp; outs of the law before the insurance company takes advantage of you.

Good luck!Any suggestions for this worker's comp situation?
A co-worker is having the same problem from a 3 year old injury. Her doctor said surgery and WC said no. So instead of my friend getting an attorney, she took the time off under FMLA and had her health insurance pay the bill which now WC is no longer involved. She will be out of work for 8 weeks on her own time. Hang in there and see their doctor or get an attorney. I had to see a WC doctor who agreed with my doctor's finding which worked out well. Best of luck.

P.S. Be ready to tell the WC doctor your whole story from the time of the injury along with dates, pains, medicine taken, and how the injury still effects your life in general.Any suggestions for this worker's comp situation?
Your failure to let the injuries get examined by the workers comp doctor, before surgery, will pretty much guarantee that they're off the hook for everything.

Most likely the health insurance company also doesn't have to pay for a work related injury (it's written into the policy that way, in most states).

Going ahead with the surgery could mean YOU foot the entire bill for this. Why don't you call the adjuster, and ask if you can have the appointment moved up to sometime this week or next, so you can keep the same surgery date.

You have to play the game. Sorry.

But my big question - and maybe theirs, too (although I'm not a doc) is twofold:

1. After going for most of a year without treatment, how do they know that the tear was actually caused by the original fall, and not a subsequent fall?

2. Can you GO for almost a year without treatment for a torn meniscus? I'm going to guess, that if it really is two years old, you're going to see some serious healing showing up on the MRIs, even if it's scar tissue. You can TELL the difference between an older injury and a newer one, on the MRI. I'd strongly suspect you did something to aggrevate it - which workers comp would not necessarily be on the hook for.
You need to talk with a lawyer who specializes in comp cases. He will send you to his doctor and you will go from there. You should have done that when the accident first occurred. I hope it is not too late.

Best of luck

It makes me sort of pissed off when....?

It makes me sort of pissed off when I invite 3 best friends I've know since grade school over {(2 guys friends (Drew and Evan) and a female friend (Hannah)} and all of them don't know each other (I am trying to get them to know each other better),

then Drew and Evan start chatting and everything buy they ignore Hannah...for 2 hours or so.

Hannah and I tried to get in their conversation about people that we all knew...we failed. We felt like a...3rd wheel (or in our case 3rd and 4th wheels?) so we just left the room and chatted without them.

I invited them so they could get to know each other better and they ignore me and Hannah? :(

Should I feel pissed off that they ignored us? Or should I just feel happy that Drew and Evan have met each other and are friends now.

And I really wanted to see if Drew and Hannah got along because I think they have a lot in common they would be ...a perfect couple. (They didn't know that though.)It makes me sort of pissed off when....?
You're allowed to feel however you feel, but I wouldn't stay mad at them too long. You wanted them to get along and at least 2 of them got along. It's hard on a group setting for everyone to know everyone else at once unless there's an activity to help. My suggestion would be invite Drew %26amp; Hannah out to lunch, but be prepared you might be 3rd wheeled yourself (you have to be if you want both of them to have an excuse to be there).

If you want to group it again try suggesting a game. My personal favorite 4-player game is caranium or Phase 10 (and they're pretty cheep at wal-mart).It makes me sort of pissed off when....?
it's normal, especially with guys. don't expect too much
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  • What are some ideas to customize my bike?

    I've had a Trek 2.3 road bike for about a year now and I'm thinking it might be fun to do a little customization with it, make it not look like all of the other Treks out there. I'm happy with the performance of the bike so I'm not upgrading components or wheels or anything like that, and I'm not painting anything. Also, I don't want to spend hundreds to customize the bike but I'm not setting a specific budget yet. Here's essentially what my bike looks like:鈥?/a> I was thinking maybe getting colored hbar tape or housing or something like that. What other ideas do you have? Be creative!What are some ideas to customize my bike?
    Bar tape, a new saddle, colored housing, colored tires, a new stem are all good choices. Have fun.

    Which one of my poems is better? There are 4!?

    1) Hero

    A hero doesn鈥檛 have to fly, or be really strong,

    It just matters what they do all the day long,

    They might be scrawny or week,

    It鈥檚 not how they look, but how they speak,

    They might be stuck in a wheel chair,

    But they always manage to care,

    Neither size nor height should be a tool to judge,

    You might loose a friend because you begrudged,

    Always cease the moment to make yourself a friend,

    Cause you might go with out one to the very end,

    That person who you left behind,

    Might have been the hero kind.

    2) Happy 14th Birthday!

    How old will you be this time in the year?

    Fourteen is that right? Is that what I hear?

    Fourteen what an age a time to be proud,

    You might even cheer or be really loud,

    You鈥檒l get presents and hugs so be really bright,

    You might even change in ways like your height,

    You better remember this day till the end,

    Cause this day will never come again,

    Fourteen then fifteen then sixteen two years,

    You鈥檒l be driving a car that has great old wheels,

    But even though you can鈥檛 wait to drive,

    Remember the days where you鈥檙e free and alive,

    No car, no payments, no flat tires,

    No messing with the little old wires,

    Fourteen is great so be happy while you鈥檙e there,

    The only thing to worry about is your friend鈥檚 in your hair!

    3) Happy thanksgiving!

    Make yourself welcome and take off your hat,

    Don't eat too much or you'll become fat,

    Take off your coat or you'll become sweaty,

    Gather around and pull out confetti,

    Eat your food, and get your fill,

    Don't eat too much or you'll become ill,

    A turkey, potatoes, some gravy a pie,

    Go ahead eat, and don't be shy,

    Eat; eat, to your hearts content,

    Get up, leave, and don't relent,

    Hope you enjoyed the dinner we made,

    We won't let you leave until you've paid!

    4) Merry Christmas

    Its Christmas time at last,

    Whip the tree out fast,

    Wrap the presents quick,

    Make sure you wrap them slick,

    Rip them open look with glee,

    You might even get a new TV,

    Turkey for dinner maybe a ham,

    Look at that food, look at that yam,

    The stockings the presents the really good food,

    You better watch out, don鈥檛 be in a bad mood,

    But lets not forget the reason for this day,

    The little boy who was laid in the hay,

    Mary and Joseph the baby-new born,

    People pushed him away, people scorn,

    Cherish this day cause its one to remember,

    Cherish this day, the twenty-fifth of December,

    Remember the reason,

    The reason for this season,

    The baby boy who lay in a stable,

    The one called Christ, he鈥檚 not a fable.Which one of my poems is better? There are 4!?
    I like all the poems you posted

    it was hard to decide exactly which I like

    The first poem is about being human

    and treating people the way you like to be


    The birthday poem is about or for someone

    who has a birthday. With one year

    they are growing up and maturing.

    The last two poems are the thanksgiving poem

    it is about the fixings of the meal

    including the ham and or the turkey.

    Christmas is about the birth of baby Jesus

    Mary and Joseph.

    Christmas is not too far away

    I like the lines cherish this day 25th of December

    and it is one to remember Which one of my poems is better? There are 4!?
    They are all good. I like number 2. I like the humorous style in the last 3.Which one of my poems is better? There are 4!?
    i really like the chrirstmas one